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W. M. Keck Observatory

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Interview with Gerald M. Smith

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000007

Interview with Gerald M. Smith, 1992-10-10

Scope and Contents An interview in October 1992 with Gerald M. Smith, project manager for the W. M. Keck Observatory’s two 10-meter telescopes on Mauna Kea until his retirement in 1996.He recalls his early interest in electrical engineering and his work, after graduating from USC (1963), at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on vidicon cameras for the Ranger, Mariner, Viking, and Voyager missions. In 1976, he is recruited by Robert Kraemer to help build NASA’s 3.1-meter telescope on Mauna Kea. Later...
Dates: 1992-10-10; Publication: 1994

Interview with Gerry Neugebauer

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000003

Interview with Gerry Neugebauer, 1991-07-15 - 1991-07-16

Scope and Contents An interview in two sessions, July 1991, with Gerry Neugebauer, Robert Andrews Millikan Professor of Physics in the Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy (PMA). Received his PhD in physics from Caltech (1960) and joined the faculty in 1962 as assistant professor. Lead scientist on IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), launched in 1983; director of Palomar Observatory 1980-1984; PMA division chair 1988-1993. Discusses his role in construction of Keck I, the first of W. M. Keck...
Dates: 1991-07-15 - 1991-07-16; Publication: 1994

Interview with J. Beverley Oke

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000004

Interview with J. Beverley Oke, 1991-09-10 - 1991-09-11

Scope and Contents An interview in two sessions, September 1991, with J. Beverley Oke, professor of astronomy, emeritus, in the Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy (PMA). BS and MS from University of Toronto. Graduate work at Princeton with Martin Schwarzschild on modeling giant stars. He describes continual development of improved detectors as staving off interest in building bigger telescopes until the late 1970s. Discusses his instrument building; mentions work of Arthur Code and James A....
Dates: 1991-09-10 - 1991-09-11; Publication: 1994

Interview with Jerry E. Nelson

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000002

Interview with Jerry E. Nelson, 1992-06-02

Scope and Contents An interview in June 1992 with Jerry Nelson, project scientist for the W. M. Keck Observatory from 1985 through 2012 and principal designer of Keck I, the revolutionary 10-meter segmented-mirror telescope on Mauna Kea.He recalls his undergraduate years as a physics major (BS 1965) at Caltech, especially freshman and sophomore physics with Richard Feynman, and his work on 60-inch telescope at Mt. Wilson with Robert Leighton. Graduate work in physics at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory;...
Dates: 1992-06-02; Publication: 1999

Interview with Maarten Schmidt on the W. M. Keck Observatory

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000006

Interview with Marteen Schmidt on the W. M. Keck Observatory, 1992-01-21 - 1992-02-05

Scope and Contents An interview in two sessions, January and February 1992, with Maarten Schmidt, Francis L. Moseley Professor of Astronomy in the Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy (PMA).He recalls being brought into plans for a 10-meter telescope in 1978-1979 as director of the Hale Observatories, by Robert Sinsheimer, chancellor of UC Santa Cruz. Appoints Allan Sandage and Keith Matthews to UC committees on the project. His membership on UC Graybeards Committee that chose Jerry...
Dates: 1992-01-21 - 1992-02-05; Publication: 1994

Interview with Wallace L. W. Sargent

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000005

Interview with William Frazer

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-09-10-000001