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Charles F. Richter Papers

Identifier: RichterCF
Scope and Contents

The Charles Richter papers include personal and professional correspondence, unpublished talks, class and lecture notes, technical notes and data, Caltech Seismology laboratory material, and reprints. The supplement from 2000 includes diplomas, a diary (1960), Richter's science fiction collection, and miscellaneous documents donated by Clarence Allen, that were integrated into the collection.

Dates: 1839 - 1984

Robert J. McEliece papers

Identifier: McElieceRJ

Howard P. Robertson Papers

Identifier: 10024-MS
Abstract Howard P. Robertson was professor of mathematical physics at Caltech in 1927-1929 and again from 1947 until his death in 1961. He made notable contributions to the fields of relativity and cosmology and held important positions in the U.S. government related to national defense and science advising. His papers include correspondence, some with the most prominent physicists and mathematicians of his day; papers relating to professional organizations, companies, and government; teaching,...
Dates: 1922-1980

Bruce H. Rule Papers

Identifier: RuleBH

Bruce Hornbrook Sage Papers

Identifier: SageBH
Content Description Bruce Hornbrook Sage: 1909-1983. Chemical engineer; Professor of Chemical Engineering, CIT 1934-1974. Expert on petroleum technology with major contributions in development of rocket propellants & the study of the physical properties of hydrocardbons. the collection includes clippings & programs related to organizations, conferences & awards; some correspondence (re. rocket propellants and fuses); and a 10-page typescript account of the anti-Peron uprising in Buenos Aires,...
Dates: 1934-1971

James A. B. Scherer Papers

Identifier: SchererJAB

Seismological Laboratory Records

Identifier: Seismo
Scope and Contents

As part of a world-wide effort to create an international earthquake data bank, the seismology archive of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has been organized, labeled, described, and microfilmed. It includes a wide variety of original records, documents, and printed materials relating to local and distant earthquakes.

In total, there are over 276,000 records written between January 10, 1923 and December 31, 1962.

Dates: 1923 - 1962

William R. Smythe Papers

Identifier: SmytheWR
Scope and Contents

The papers contain correspondence, teaching materials, research notes, calculations and working papers on the "right circular cylinder.”

Dates: 1928-1974

Royal W. Sorensen Papers

Identifier: SorensenRW
Scope and Contents

The papers include professional correspondence (especially Southern California Edison Company Committee on Public Information), unpublished talks, reprints, and biographical material.

Dates: 1911-1965

Gordon J. Stanley Papers

Identifier: 10266-MS
Abstract Gordon J. Stanley (1921-2001), radio astronomer and receiver expert, came to Caltech From Australia's CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) in 1955. He succeeded John Bolton as, first, acting director (1961) and then director (1965-1975) of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO). His papers include working files, correspondence and other documents from the period of his association with OVRO, as well as papers concerning the work done by Stanley and Bolton...
Dates: 1942-1994

Chester Stock Papers

Identifier: 10043-MS
Abstract Chester Stock (1892-1950) was professor of paleontology, 1926-1950, and chairman of the Division of Geology, 1947-1950, at the California Institute of Technology. He was a specialist in vertebrate, specifically mammalian, fossils of the Western United States, especially of California and Nevada, and he was involved in the excavation of the Rancho La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles. Stock's papers consist of personal and professional correspondence from his tenure at the University of...
Dates: 1900-1951

Alice Stone Collection of Caltech Architecture

Identifier: Architecture
Scope and Contents Alice Stone compiled this collection of correspondence, reports, and slides of architectural drawings and blueprints. These primary source facsimiles document Caltech's architectural history and are from different archival collections found within the Caltech Archives collections, including the James A. B. Scherer papers and the George Ellery Hale papers. It is currently is unknown to the Archives the status of the original architectural drawings and blueprints or where they are preserved....
Dates: 1983; 1910-1950

Alfred H. Sturtevant Papers

Identifier: SturtevantAH

The guide to the Alfred H. Sturtevant papers is available through the Online Archive of California (OAC). See external documents link below.

Dates: 1849-1969

John Todd and Olga Taussky-Todd Papers

Identifier: 10128-MS
Abstract The scientific and personal correspondence, teaching notes, writings and talks, biographical papers, and a small collection of audiovisual material form the collection known as the Papers of John Todd and Olga Taussky-Todd in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Both mathematicians, John Todd and Olga Taussky-Todd arrived at Caltech in 1957, respectively as a professor and a research associate. Olga Taussky-Todd was the first woman to receive a formal Caltech...
Dates: 1920-2007, bulk 1950-1995

Tolman-Bacher House Recipe Collection

Identifier: TolmanBacher
Dates: 1925-1991, bulk 1925-1964

Victor C. Tsai Papers

Identifier: TsaiVC
Scope and Contents

This collection documents geophysicist Victor C. Tsai’s training and research. It includes notebooks from his undergraduate education at Caltech and early research experience as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). The bulk of the collection consists of drafts of scientific journal articles, related notes, and comments upon the work of colleagues as both a coauthor and a referree.

Dates: 1999 - 2019

Enrico Volterra Papers

Identifier: 10235-MS
Abstract The scientific and personal correspondence of Enrico Volterra (1905-1973) from the collection known as the Papers of Enrico Volterra in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology. He was the son of the distinguished Italian mathematician Vito Volterra. He emigrated from Italy circa 1937, first to England, and finally to the US. He was trained as an engineer and taught at several universities, ultimately settling at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was professor of...
Dates: 1910-1973, bulk 1930-1973

Theodore von Kármán Papers

Identifier: 10143-MS

This record group documents the career of Theodore von Kármán, Hungarian-born aerodynamicist, science advisor, and first director of the Daniel Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. It consists primarily of correspondence, speeches, lectures and lecture notes, scientific manuscripts, calculations, reports, photos and technical slides, autobiographical sketches, and school notebooks.

Dates: 1871-1963; Majority of material found within 1920-1963

W. Duncan Rannie papers

Identifier: RannieWD

Gerald J. Wasserburg Papers

Identifier: 10163-MS
Abstract The scientific and personal correspondence, organizational and government files, NASA files including Apollo missions and lunar sample analysis, notebooks, biographical materials and audiovisual materials of Gerald J. Wasserburg (b. 1927) form the collection known as the Gerald J. Wasserburg Papers in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Appointed to the faculty at Caltech in 1955, Wasserburg won the Crafoord Prize in 1986 with Claude J. Allègre for their...
Dates: 1927-2011

Earnest C. Watson Papers

Identifier: 10032-MS
Scope and Contents

The papers include course and public lectures, unpublished talks (“addresses”), lab notes and notebooks, correspondence (bulk with book dealers), and material relating to Caltech matters.

Dates: 1916-1968

Harold Wayland Papers

Identifier: 10251-MS

The Papers of Harold Wayland (1909-2000), Caltech Professor of Engineering Science, 1949-1979, are a small collection of personal, scientific, and institutionally related documents. They cover aspects of Wayland's scientific work on microcirculation, his invention of the intravital microscope, and Caltech's support in the late 1960s-early 1970s for a biomedical engineering program and discussion of a medical school in Pasadena.

Dates: 1948-2001

Cornelis A. G. Wiersma Papers

Identifier: WiersmaCAG
Scope and Contents The papers include professional correspondence relating to his work in neurophysiology (principally between 1950-1970) and organizational work, material on professional associations and publishing, photographs, reprints, and research notes. Three files (Box 8) donated by Peter J. Mills.The bulk of the collection is professional correspondence, including items in Dutch and German, relating mainly to his work in neurophysiology, principally between 1950 to 1970. other...
Dates: 1921-1979

Harry O. Wood Papers

Identifier: WoodHO
Scope of the Collection The papers of Harry O. Wood were transferred to the Caltech Archives from the Seismology Laboratory. The initial donation, now occupying twenty-two document boxes, was made in 1976; it was supplemented with two more boxes about ten years later. The supplemental material has been processed separately from the original portion. The collection consists mainly of correspondence (over 19 boxes) of a personal and general nature. The personal correspondence covers mainly the years from...
Dates: 1905-1954

Victor Wouk Papers

Identifier: 10208-MS

Papers of Victor Wouk (1919-2005). Electrical engineer. After graduating from Caltech (PhD 1942), Wouk devoted himself largely to the development of hybrid and electric motor vehicles. The range of his activities is wide, and he has consulted for several institutions and the government on a variety of issues. His papers consist of 70 boxes and include correspondence, publications (print and manuscript versions), lectures and seminars, and expert witness testimonies.

Dates: 1934-2004

Helen Wright Collection on George Ellery Hale

Identifier: 10175-MS
Scope and Contents

This collection consists of material collected by Helen Wright in the course of writing her 1966 biography of George Ellery Hale, Explorer of the Universe. It includes copies of documents which can also be found in the George Ellery Hale Papers, but also documents from other sources and Wright’s transcripts of some handwritten letters, particularly those from Hale to his wife and daughter.

Dates: 1887–1972

Fredrik Zachariasen Papers

Identifier: 10195-MS

The working papers, correspondence, publications, and biographical material of physicist Fredrik Zachariasen form the collection known as the Fredrik Zachariasen Papers in the Archives of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Zachariasen specialized in theoretical physics, focusing on the interactions of elementary particles at high energies. He was an active member of the JASON defense advisory group, which was organized in 1960 to work on problems of national security.

Dates: 1948-1999

Laszlo Zechmeister Papers

Identifier: ZechmeisterL
Scope and Contents

The Zechmeister papers include correspondence, lecture notes, technical manuscripts & related correspondence, honors & awards, and reprints.

Dates: 1913-1972

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