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6 Charles Richter journals

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Identifier: 2020-00001

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From Bonhams, September 24 to December 5, 1919: provides detail about traveling from Los Angeles to Palo Alto, school life and work, family news. December 6, 1919 to April 14, 1920: mentions thermodynamics, chess club, girls. April 15, 1920 to May 19, 1922: writes extensively on western civilization, sexual ethics, and defines what his personal credo is. May 19, 1922 to May 31, 1924: covers detached. Anticipates a romantic relationship; writes notes on form and content of poetry; solves advanced math problems. May 31, 1924 to June 27, 1926: first 12 [actually 6] leaves have been excised. Discusses creative writing, fractional derivatives, provides a "summary of history." August 4, 1928 to March 27, 1934: criticism of the writings of Dewey; notes on April 28, 1930 eclipse; analysis of "Humanism and America." From May 19, 1922, writing on sexual ethics: "... in any case where a woman's 'reputation' is involved, I shall use a condom. I shall always be prepared, in case the condom breaks and pregnancy results, to marry the girl at once, regardless of possible consequences. / Conditions at present are such that I expect soon to have sexual intercourse...."

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Purchased from Bonhams for $3500 plus commission; previous owner unknown.

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  • Creation: 1919-09-24 - 1926-06-27
  • Creation: 1928-08-04 - 1934-04-30



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