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Jürg Waser Audios

Identifier: 2019-00006

Content Description

Collection of 11 open-reel audiotapes recorded by dr. Jürg Waser, Caltech Professor of Chemistry during the years 1958-1966. - Tape 1: Linus Pauling lecture on metals, May 25 1960; Linus Pauling lecture on genes and proteins, June 1 1960; Richard Feynman lecture on Quantum Theory, Sept 28, 1960; Jürg Waser chem. 1 lecture, Sept 28 1960 - Tape 2: Edwin Land, Beckman lecture, Sept 17 1966, “New experiments in color vision”; Richard Feynman and Albert Hibbs, July 1966, color vision - Tapes 3-9 appear to be recordings of most or all of Jürg’s Freshman Chemistry lectures, perhaps including some guest lectures by other faculty. Dates are 1961-62, also 1962-63; one labeled “Chem 1 tailend 1964”. - Tape 10: 1958 Chemistry Dept. Christmas Party skit, dress rehearsal + performance; 1959 Chemistry Dept. Christmas Party skit, 1965 radio interview with Linus Pauling; a little of The Ride of the Valkyries as heard from the Waser home at 1308 E California Blvd - Tape 11: CIT stock company, Kent Clark (more Departmental skits); radio talks by Feynman and Hibbs on color vision.

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Donated by Peter Waser.

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  • 1958-1966



11 audiotape reels : 1/4 inch audio tapes