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Ahmed Zewail Papers

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2017-00011

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Donated by Dema Faham, spouse of Professor Zewail. Moved from Zewail's offices in Noyes Laboratory of Chemical Physics.

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  • 1976 - 2016



Ahmed Zewail Papers Inventory and Notes Boxes 1-52, Cartons 150-152 (neon yellow green post-it) Publications (journal articles) Some folders contain handwritten notes, correspondence, and floppy disks Boxes 53-56 (blue) Courses Subject articles with notes Boxes 57-60 (orange-red) Preprints collection, written by colleagues, (only kept if there was correspondence) Boxes 60-91 (mauve) Grants Miscellaneous Zewail Group paperwork Box 92 (blue) Nobel Prize articles/clippings Boxes 93-98 (yellow) Correspondence binders in chronological order Boxes 99-110 (neon yellow green) Unsorted/miscellaneous from conference room table This group of papers contained preprints, articles, correspondence that was not filed. Materials were boxed according to how they were found. Box 111 (blue) Budget notebooks Boxes 112-141 (yellow) Correspondence (alphabetical by name, organizations, geographic location) Committees, planning Linus Pauling Boxes 142-149 (mauve) Administrative files, office management binders Cartons 150-152 (see above) Boxes 153-179 (blue) Mixed main office Correspondence, articles, nobel prize correspondence Zewail City administrative Committees Early research notes Boxes 180-186 (red orange) Travel Conferences, talks, correspondence Box 187 (blue) Cartons 1-10 (red orange) Group member personnel files These cartons need to be sorted through and not open to researchers until processed Contain sensitive materials, soc security numbers, disciplinary action 4 cartons of AV/digital material CDs, 3.5 in floppy disks VHS DVD Zip disks 1 carton of photos Photo albums Oversize box (neon yellow green post-it) Egypt 2011 Oversize material Located on top shelve to the left of boxes 1-7 Poster tube Oversize posters In workroom against back desk area