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Murray Gell-Mann Papers 1931-2001, bulk 1955-1993

Identifier: 2003-00202

Content Description

MURRAY GELL-MANN (1929-), physicist, Nobel Prize 1969. The papers of Murray Gell-Mann document both his scientific career and his personal life. The collection includes correspondence; government, professional and civic/social action organizations material; technical files; files relating to the California Institute of Technology; and biographical materials, including awards (Nobel Prize scroll and E. O. Lawrence award among them). Important correspondents include: L. Alvarez, E. Amaldi, R. Bacher, J. Bahcall, M. A. B. Bég, H. Bethe, L. Biedenharn, A. Bohr, K. Brueckner, G. Chew, J. Cockcroft, J. Cornwall, R. Courant, N. Dombey, F. Dyson, R. Feynman, H. Fritzsch, R. Garwin, M. Goldberger, F. Gürsey, S. Hawking, R. Hermann, L. Lederman, M. Lévy, W. Libby, F. Low, M. Jacob, C. Kaysen, N. Kürti, P. MacCready, R. Marshak, E. McMillan, Y. Nambu,Y. Ne'eman, J. R. Oppenheimer, J. Pati, D. Pines, J. Polkinghorne, A. Polyakov, P. Ramond, A. Rosenfeld, J. Sakurai, A. Salam, D. Sharp, R. Socolow, E. C. G. Sudarshan, V. Telegdi, W. Thirring, C. Townes, S. F. Tuan, K. Watson, V. Weisskopf, J. Wheeler, G-C. Wick, K. Wilson, C. N. Yang, H. Yukawa, F. Zachariasen, Y. Zeldovich, G. Zweig.



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