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Ingersoll, Andrew Perry (Planetary Scientist)



  • Existence: 1940 - 2222


Background: Caltech Professor of Planetary Science 1966-present; Earle C. Anthony Professor, 2003-present; Executive Officer for Planetary Science, 1987-1994.


Description: ANDREW P. INGERSOLL (1940- ) specializes in planetary meteorology or the atmosphere and weather of planets. He was born in Chicago and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Amherst College (B.S. physics, 1960) and Harvard University (M.A. physics, 1961; PhD 1966). Trained as a physicist, he became interested early in his studies in geophysical fluid dynamics related to atmospheres, oceans, and weather. In 1966 he was recruited to Caltech to join the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, where he has taught ever since. Ingersoll has been closely involved in space missions such as Voyager, Mars Global Surveyor, Galileo, and Cassini to collect and interpret data for the study of the atmospheres of the planets.


Collection Notes: Oral History 2004. A 93-page interview with Sara Lippincott. Covers Ingersoll's family background and early education; his recruitment to Caltech and research on planetary weather/meteorology. He recalls his collaboration with the Russian Venera program for the study of Venus in the 1980s. Also included are remarks on Caltech's administrative and instructional program and his participation in them.

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

Airtalk: The Caltech Edition

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1990-00105

Airtalk: The Caltech Edition

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1990-00106

AirTalk with Andrew Ingersoll

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2018-02-01-000002

AirTalk with Andrew Ingersoll, 1990-04-18

Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection is divided according to the recording type: audio and video then ordered chronologically. Each recording includes an interview with either Caltech faculty, administrators, staff, students, alumni, JPL scientists or administrators. It also includes features such as Caltech Almanac -a detailed look at some of the many interesting people, places and discoveries in Caltech’s history-, Caltech Calendar -a listing of upcoming public events on campus- and Caltech in the News....
Dates: 1990-04-18

Andrew P. Ingersoll Oral History Interview with Sara Lippincott [sound recording], 2004-04-13 - 2004-04-26

Scope and Contents Interview in two sessions conducted by Sara Lippincott in 2004 with Andrew P. Ingersoll, Earle C. Anthony Professor of Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology. Discusses parents' social activism in the 1930s. His youth and education at Amherst College (B.A. physics, 1960) and Harvard University (M.A. physics, 1961; PhD 1966); his early interest in atmospheres, oceans and meteorology; working with A. Arons and H. Stommel at Woods Hole on ocean acoustics. Recruited to...
Dates: 2004-04-13 - 2004-04-26

El Nino

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1998-00168

El Nino and Global Warming: What's Happening to our Weather?, 1998-02-25

Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection is arranged by chronological order. This series started in 1922, but the first recording dates back to 1971 and since it is still ongoing, the collection continues to grow, with about 9 new lectures per academic year.These lectures feature speakers from Caltech and JPL, spotlighting a small selection of the pioneering research conducted in the fields of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science,...
Dates: 1998-02-25

Tour Of The Solar System

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1986-00310

Tour Of The Solar System

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2002-00299

Venus Exploration With The Soviets

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1986-00313

Voyager Graphics

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2014-00047

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