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Caltech Glee Club


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Caltech Glee Club, 1957 - Side 1

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2020-03-25-000001

Caltech Glee Club, 1957 - Side 2

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2020-03-25-000002

Caltech Glee Club, 1958 - Side 1

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2020-03-25-000003

Caltech Glee Club, 1958 - Side 2

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2020-03-25-000004

Caltech Glee Club Recordings

Identifier: GleeClub

A collection of audio materials concerning the concerts and tours of the Caltech Glee Club, 1950s-2000.

Dates: from 1956

Caltech Sings 1956, Side 1

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2020-03-23-000001

Caltech Sings 1956, Side 2

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2020-03-24-000001

Side 1, 1957



  1. Let the Holy Presence (Tschesnokoff)
  2. Though I Speak with Tongues of Men and Angels (Brahms)
  3. Sound the Trumpet (Purcell)
  4. The Broken Melody (Sibelius)
  5. Exsultate Justi (Viadana)
  6. Now You Are Departed (Gold)
Dates: 1957

Side 1, 1958

Tracks List Brothers, Sing On (Grieg) Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee (Brahms) Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee (Bach) Santa Teresa's Bookmark (Sheppard) So I Returned; from Four Serious Songs (Brahms) Let Me Wander Not Unseen (Handel) Do Not Touch-A My Garment (negro spiritual - arrangement Show; Robert Norton,...
Dates: 1958

Side 2, 1957

Tracks List 1. Aura Lee (Poulton) 2. Bonnie Eloise (Thomas) (Soloist: Vladimir Balcher) 3. Lorena (Hunter) 4. Mister Moon 5. Coney Island Baby 6. While Strolling to the Park One Day (Joe Lingerfelt, Rube Moulton, Ted...
Dates: 1957

Side 2, 1958

Tracks List Waters Ripple and Flow (Czecho Slovak folk song; arrangement Taylor) The Boatmen's Dance (Ministrel Song, 1843) Les Raftsmen (French Canadian folk song; arrangement Coble) Father William; from Alice in Wonderland (Fine) A Barn Song (Grieg) Lane County Bachelor (O'Hara; Joe Lingerfelt, soloist) The...
Dates: 1958